How INSPIREtech Canada Makes a Difference

Some of the greatest technological minds are contained in the bodies of youth not old enough to even attend College. We give this special group of teens a platform to share, network, develop and implement new ideas. Big ideas from the great Canadian minds of tomorrow that quite literally could change the world.

Being a youth in today’s society is hard enough, let alone a young person with a passion for technology and robotics. Just ask the guys who created Google how hard being taken seriously was in the start without credibility and experience. Our team of partners work to remove hurdles with support from vetted and experienced industry experts to collaborate and advocate on their behalf.

Many of the bright minds we work with have been writing code, engineering robotic equipment and even reverse engineering existing products since they could walk. The level of expertise and proficiency far exceeding the age on their birth certificate.

Meet the Teams We Support

Does your Robotics team need funding, financial assitance or mentorship?

The 1st Annual Inspire Tech Canada Spring 2018 Technology Expo is Coming to The DeerHurst Resort!

Establishing Canada as a Global Leader in Technology