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Virtual Robotics Training Academy
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The Virtual Robotics Training Academy is an online platform that allows students of all ages to learn STEM skills by interacting with simulations, such as:

  • Programming a 3-axis robotic arm to pick up and drop objects
  • Programming an autonomous vehicle to navigate a maze
  • Using Python to simulate object trajectories and learn how they are affected by atmosphere and gravity
  • And many more.

Unlike other simulators, which require expensive hardware, software and setup, VRTA only requires a browser and an internet connection.  The simulators themselves run in the cloud, so all students need to participate is a browser and the desire to learn. Educators can assign challenges to students and monitor their progress.

The VRTA is the world’s first cloud-based digital toolbox designed to provide both learners and educators access to simulation-based education.

Individuals or corporations can also donate memberships which can then be applied to those who might not otherwise be able to participate in the VRTA.

For more information and to register for the VRTA click here